Delivery and insurance of goods - information for customers


Delivery of goods to the United States of America takes from 14 to 21 business days


Free worldwide shipping - Our company has a contract with DHL and SonicDelivery


 Shipping to outside of Europe ( for example USA, Canada, Asia, Australia, South-Africa, Russia, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey and selected islands)  10-14 business days


      Shipping with cash on delivery to forein countries is only available for Lithuania
 with DHL

       All deadlines for deliveries and services are subject to change . Binding deadlines must be submitted in writing. Failure, inability of our page extend the delivery period by the duration of the disability. The buyer can give us six weeks after exceeding the binding or non-binding delivery to supply, within a reasonable time - so we are in default . He can withdraw from the contract , a claim for damages is not possible. Compared to non-traders we supply in advance or cash on delivery by DHL . The transport costs are included in the COD amount (including packaging) . Pick up is possible by arrangement. For merchants a delivery with DHL is also possible on account, which must be paid within 10 days. Discount etc. may not be used. In default of payment we reserve the right to charge interest at 3% above the discount rate valid . If another dispatch from the purchaser are required, the additional costs of this are to be borne by him. With the handover of the delivery to a carrier , ie when leaving our warehouse , the risk passes to the buyer. a
           Transport insurance is we are not finished, we only supply the account and risk of the purchaser .
Ordered and shipped goods must be removed . Otherwise, we are entitled to store them at the expense and risk of the purchaser or to claim 10% of the goods value .

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